E. Professional Air Freshener System Kit for Commercial or Home


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The Professional  fragrance dispensing unit is designed to accept many different types of air freshener, air sanitizer or air deodorizer products, including but not limited to, wick delivery liquid filled bottles, solid fragrance squares and non-spill fragrance canisters. This dispenser can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface. It is constructed of heavy duty plastics designed to withstand years of commercial use. This unit can be used in a commercial or home environment. This fan dispenser operates with a D-cell battery.

The Professional Air Freshener System Kit for Commercial or Home includes:

  • 1 Professional¬† Dispensing Unit
  • 3 fragrance squares (3 of the same fragrance)
  • 1 Alkaline D-cell battery.

These supplies can last up to 3 months if squares are used individually. We have an automatic replenishment plan available in which you will receive a refill pack including 3 fragrance squares, and 1 alkaline battery every 3 months. This will assure you uninterrupted service for your air freshening dispenser. Please contact us for pricing and to enroll in this service.

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Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Jazzmania, Odorless, Raine, Sierra Springs, Strawberry, Sungreen (Pine), Tropicana, Vanilla