imageRental Air Freshener Service

We provide professional Rental Air Freshener Service to business customers from Melbourne, FL to Homestead, FL and into the Glades.   Our lease program air freshener service provides:

  • On-time delivery of replacement products,
  • High-caliber personal service by professionals,
  • Optimal choice of thirty fragrances that create a fresh and clean environment,
  • Your best value choice in air freshener service, and,
  • An attention to your needs by providing you with excellent customer service!

Why Rent Instead of Purchase?

Our Rental Air Freshener service offers significant savings over the cost of purchasing and maintaining air freshener units. 

Purchasing could actually result in costing you more as a result of:

  • Maintaining, purchasing or replacing broken or worn parts,
  • Purchasing and storing of products that often are over-inventoried or over-looked and not used,
  • And, the enhancement of your environment can be lost if your units are not properly serviced on a timely and consistent periodic schedule.

Through our rental service program we are able to provide you with quality protection, maintenance and worry free replenishment of your air freshener products, attractive appearance, cost effective maintenance and the ability to change fragrances as desired without wasting already purchased products.

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